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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Paper Boat!!!

I had got a mail from the company regarding they wanted me to try the new flavors and give them the reviews about it, a Gurgoan based company.  I gave them my address and was waiting for their unique flavors to come so that I could try something new.  Firstly I thought it’s a kind of syrup which is mixed with water and served but then as I read about it on their webpage I found it’s a ready-made drink. Just refrigerate it and have it.

So I got all the flavors to try it out.

Mango people, Mango lovers this one drink is surely a must try for you. It has a unique taste with the true taste of mango. The most eaten fruit in india must be mango and after-all its our national fruit. 

My personal favorite was jaljeera. I just love this flavor from all the others. It has a mix of lemon water and jeera.  A fact I love jaljeera is because it has the properties of give soothing effect and gives you aid in digestion after a heavy meal.

imli ka amlana: Imli ka amlana is purely made of imli, and the best part about these juices are that they don’t have preservatives so it’s not harmful in anyway to us. 

golgappe ka pani:
Golgappe ka pani probably u can get golgappas and then fill it up with this juice and try it out. I did try it out it has tangy taste and did enjoy having golgappas with it.


The best part about paper boat is their bottles are very much unique and there is least content of plastic in it. This bottle is very much attractive and the best part is that it is ready to serve ones. No mixing water and stuff, just cool it and drink it.
                    One suggestion to paper boat I would like to give is that they should make ordinary flavors also which include orange, lemon, watermelon, grape because this will also be a definite hit. Most people are very adamant and just go for their regular flavor of juices. And market certain flavors accordingly, example Aamras will definitely be a hit in Gujarat because I have been to Gujarat several times and it’s been consumed a lot there.

If you are looking to try the drinks out then you can contact the given address below.

Mail at:paperboat@hectorbeverages.com

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